It is important to keep your home or business up to the proper standards. This is key for both safety and to avoid hefty government fines. Be proactive and have your new home or business inspection for violation infractions by Blue Ray Mechanical. Any HVAC system violations we spot, we’ll be able to fix or repair. There are quite a few common violations that occur through heating and cooling systems. We are well versed in the local area codes and will help ensure your space is violation free. It is important to have professional heating and air conditioning contractor performing the inspection to ensure any violations are found and corrected. Whether it’s a violation in the central air conditioning units, a geothermal heating unit, a boiler, or any other heating and cooling system. Blue-Ray can inspect, fix, or repair any violation corrections needed.

Common Violations:
Bathroom fan doesn’t vent outside
It is important to ensure your bathroom vent fan goes to the outside. A common violation is having the fan vent into the attic. But this violation can deliver humid air to your attic which can cause mold or rot.

Asbestos or Lead Usage
In older buildings, the appearance of asbestos or lead could be possible. In 1978 lead paint was outlawed and only recently was asbestos prohibited. It’s important to ensure an older building or home doesn’t contain these harmful materials.

Trust our heating and cooling services specialists at Blue Ray Mechanical to identify and fix any violations your home or business may have. It is important not only to be up to government standards to avoid monetary fines, but it is also a priority to help ensure the safety of your family, employees, or customers.



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