The State of Michigan requires all commercial boilers to undergo annual CSD1 testing. Trust Blue Ray Mechanical to perform these annual tests on your commercial boiler. These tests are meant to keep your home or business safe. We ensure the safety of your boiler and provide the needed repairs that your system needs to meet the CSD1 standards. We also provide boiler maintenance and installation. No matter your make or model we will test and service your boiler. No going around town trying to find a company to work on your boiler, only to find they do not work with that brand. We do all we can to make service, repair and installation on any heating and cooling system as simple as possible. Trust that we will properly test and certify your commercial boiler. We will make sure we identify any possible violations and perform the proper repairs to meet Michigan boiler code. We also suggest scheduling an annual maintenance on your boiler to ensure it is working as efficiently and safely as possible.

Call Blue Ray today to schedule your annual CSD1 testing for your boiler, it is important to plan for this each year as it is mandatory. 248- 399-4500 or 313-869-7200.