It’s important for both homes and businesses to have backup generators. You never know when disaster will strike and you will be without power. Some of us say “I can live without power for a few hours, no problem.” But what happens if that power is out for days? Weeks? Or it goes out in the dead of winter and your central heat and air goes out? These are times you don’t want to be without the electricity you, your customers, or your family needs. We may not think a storm will come and wipe out power, but instances like this can happen to anyone. An ill-fated lightning strike, a powerful storm, a felled tree. Any of these events can cause disruptions in power, and cause your HVAC system to fail. Nobody wants to be without central heating and air during any time of year.

You may not even use your generator for a year or so, but in that moment when a storm rolls through and power in your area is out, you will be grateful you installed a generator. Businesses especially can be affected by power outages. Almost every business, whether an office, store, warehouse, requires access to electricity to run smoothly. A lack of power for even just an hour could cause a business major disruptions. Businesses like supermarkets rely on generators to keep customers coming in even if power in the area is out. It is highly likely your business is in need of a backup generator, if you don’t have one yet. It can power the lights, an air conditioner and heater, and other necessary systems.

Our generator service assists with installation, as well as maintenance. We service both residential and commercial generators. No generator is too small or large for Blue Ray to maintain. Trust your heating and cooling services to the experts at Blue Ray.


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