You may think your home is sealed off and protected from everything outside: allergens, pollen, dust, pollutants. These particles are so small they can seep in through the tiniest of holes. Many of us keep our doors and windows closed constantly to prevent these sorts of items from getting in. The problem is that pollutants already in the home including pet dander, mold, chemical fumes, bacteria, cigarette smoke, dust end up becoming trapped. But doesn’t my air conditioner and heater remove these toxins? These air condition units actually recirculate these harmful substances.

If windows and doors are almost always closed, and heat and air units recirculate the air, how can we remove these pollutants from our homes? One of the easiest ways is to install an air cleaner. Here at Blue Ray, we are well versed in the art of air cleaner installation. We hear from satisfied clients later on about how they feel a change in air quality in their homes. An air cleaner can filter air before it even gets in your home. It will also filter the air currently in your home. Air cleaners can remove particles as small as .01 microns, which is an extremely fine level of precision.

If you are seeking a better quality of air for your home and for your family, consider an air cleaner. Our expert technicians at Blue Ray are here to assist with any questions, installation, or maintenance for your current unit. We also recommend an annual duct cleaning, to remove built up pathogens. Trust the heating and cooling services specialists at Blue Ray.