Don’t wait to have your home or business looked at for preventative maintenance. Your AC and heating system is important to keeping yourself, your customers, and your family feeling pleasant. During the cold winters we experience in Michigan, properly functioning heating systems are necessary. You don’t want to have disaster strike during the middle of winter! It’s important to have your systems checked out for preventative maintenance at least once a year. Throughout the year many elements affect your home: rain, sleet, hail, lightning, rust, mold, mildew, humidity, cold, heat, frost. Ductwork, air conditioning systems, heating, humidifiers, generators, ventilation, insulation, hot water heater should all be checked routinely.

At Blue Ray Mechanical, we have the experience and tools needed to properly inspect your home or business. It’s important to schedule preventative maintenance yearly to avoid costly, last-minute repairs.  Call us today at 248-399-4500 or 313-869-7200 to schedule your preventative maintenance service. We have spent over 60 years in the area helping residents and business owners heat and cool their homes. Trust your home to Blue-Ray Mechanical Heating & Cooling.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance:

  • Reduce utility bills
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Ensure equipment lasts longer
  • Protect your investment
  • Create a more comfortable indoor space


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