Whether your home or business needs a brand new boiler, a boiler repair, or routine maintenance, your best choice is Blue Ray. We service any make or model of boiler and also provide high quality boiler brands like Bryant, Utica, Burnham. Before winter strikes, it is important to have your boiler checked for any problems. The last thing your home or business needs is a faulty boiler acting up during the middle of January or February, or any other time of the year. Although a new boiler can be expensive, we offer financing options to ensure your home gets what it needs.

Boiler vs Furnace

A boiler is a system that uses water or steam to heat your home. A boiler acts as a dual system, as it can heat your water and your air. A furnace heats the air and blower to send that air through the duct system.

Advantages of using a boiler:

  • Combined water heater and general heating system (no need for separate systems)
  • Green way of heating home (some boilers can burn wood, corn, and renewable fuels)
  • Highly efficient

Schedule your boiler consultation today. Whether you need a repair, maintenance, or a brand new boiler, the only company you need to consider is Blue Ray. 248-399-4500 or 313-869-7200.