Heating is very important during the cold winter months.  Being involved in anything other than feeling warm and toasty all day long, doesn’t sound enjoyable. The only problem is that during the winter months, the gas bills shoot right up and it may prove to be hard on your finances. Who doesn’t like knowing a couple of money saving heating tips?

While it is important to keep your home warm in the winter, it should not leave you worrying about the gas bills.

Here are a few money saving heating tips for the remainder of this winter.

Layers and layers
The basic rule for feeling warm during the winter is to dress for the winter. Layers are what do the trick. You need to wear proper, warm clothing, and layers of it. Scarves, jackets, long sleeved shirts, leg warmers, ear muffs, hats, and everything else, When you are properly clothed for the winter, you will find that you do not need too much heating around the house. It can save some good money.

Prepare your bed
Keep your bed as insulated as possible. Use flannel sheets and bed spreads. Put rugs on floors and if possible, insulate your windows. Seal the holes and spaces from which the cold winter air can sweep into the house.

Keep the curtains pulled back during the day
During winter, the days are quite short. Nevertheless, it is important to let the sunlight creep in through your windows and warm up your house. Keeping the curtains closed, even during day time is a bad practice. Sunlight is important not just to warm your house, you should also be able to get your daily dose of Vitamin D from the sunlight. During the winter, sunlight is limited. So make the best of it during the day time.

Change the filters of your furnace
Dirty air filters can block proper air flow and it means that the furnace has to work harder to give out heat. This is bad on your bills. Check your air filters regularly and make sure that they are clean