High velocity systems can be used for the heating and cooling of your home. These systems tend to be recommended for older homes. High velocity systems use smaller, more flexible tubing than the standard ductwork for low velocity systems. In an older home that lacks a central air conditioning system, a high velocity system is much easier to install. These systems have an additional air handler that works with the standard thermostat. Homes that have radiant floor heating can also benefit from high velocity systems. These systems, as the name suggests, can cool a room much faster, using half the air flow. They can also removed up to 30% more moisture than a standard system. This is great for more humid moments of the year.

Benefits of High Velocity Systems:

  • Good for older homes
  • Smaller ductwork needed
  • Make rooms colder, faster
  • Remove more moisture
If you or your business is considering a high velocity system, give Blue Ray a call. Our specialists can discuss options, pricing, installation, and more with you. If you plan to purchase a high velocity system, we provide financing options. If already have one of these units, we provide top notch high velocity air conditioner repair. Give us a call at 248- 399-4500 or 313-869-7200.