Heat pumps work to help keep your home or business warm as a central heating and cooling unit. They are one of the most efficient forms of electric heating, and can provide up to three times more heat than the same amount of electricity they consume. There are three major types of heat pumps: air to air, water, and ground. Each takes heat from their specific source and uses it to heat your home. Heat pump systems can also act as a central air conditioner to cool your home by collecting the heat inside your home and pumping it out. No matter what make or model heat pump you own, our technicians can service and repair it. We also provide the best heat pump systems around for your installation needs. To find out the benefits of a heat pump for your home or business call Blue Ray. You can also set up a consultation to service, repair, or install a heat pump. Call 248- 399-4500 or 313-869-7200.

Three Types of Heat Pumps:

  • Air to Air
  • Water source
  • Ground source
  • Benefits of heat pumps
    – Efficient
  •  Also act as air conditioner
  •  Uses electricity
  •  Can reduce your electricity use for heating by up to 30-40%
  •  Environmentally friendly (geothermal heating)