Whether your home or business requires ductwork cleaning, repair, or sealing, Blue Ray has you covered. Ducts are an important part of your home for both heating and cooling. It’s essential that your ducts are properly sealed. This can help avoid loss of heating and cooling, as well as save money and energy. Sealing air ducts makes sure your home or business is as efficient as possible. We also provide duct cleaning, which ensures your ducts are free of toxic elements like mold, bacteria, pathogens, dust.
Identifying and sealing air leaks ensures your home is more comfortable. Air leaks will cause your heat to escape, making heating systems less efficient. Sealing will also keep your home more efficient saving you energy. The air quality in your home can become compromised if there are leaks. One of the most dangerous aspects of a duct leak is the risk of carbon monoxide. A leaky duct can cause pressure combustion in your appliances like furnaces and water heaters. These are health and safety hazards you need to avoid for your family.

Schedule your ductwork inspection today at 248-399-4500 or 313-869-7200. We will inspect, identify, and offer solutions to treat your ductwork.