Even though it may not always feel like winter during these first months of the year, it is still important to keep an eye on your furnace and your air conditioner – just in case. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite HVAC myths for you to learn more about how to better take care of your HVAC unit. 


Lowering the Temperature will Cool Your House Faster

If you want to cool your house faster, lowering the temperature on your thermostat is not actually the best way to do so. It would just make your HVAC unit work harder and longer than necessary, causing you to spend more money in the long run. Many people think that if they lower the temperature, it will automatically cause the temperature of your home to decrease as well, but that is simply not true. 


Air Filters Need to Just be Changed Monthly

Can you remember the last time you changed your air filter? There are countless debris that can get trapped in your air filter on a daily basis, making your HVAC system run harder and more often than normal, causing unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. If you want to do well by your HVAC system, you should change your filters at least every 2 or 3 months. It is always important to keep an eye on the filters to see if there are any large particles stuck in them, that would cause you to need to change the filter more frequently.


If Your Unit Doesn’t Seem to Have a Problem, No Need to Call the Specialists

We like to think of our HVAC systems similar to our bodies. If you thought something was wrong with your foot, would you go to your normal general care practitioner, or would you go to a podiatrist, or foot doctor? If you think something is wrong with your HVAC unit, you need to call us to get the right diagnosis and fix the issue right away! HVAC systems have so many moving parts, it’s important to always call in the specialists at Blue-Ray to make sure you’re getting the best service for your unit. 


Always Keep Your Unit Closed During the Winter Months

Did you know that the air conditioner is actually made up of two parts, with the condenser being outside the house? This unit can withstand pretty much any act of nature, or animal, and many different temperatures. Therefore, there’s no real need to close or cover up your unit at any time. 


Turning the System On and Off is Going to Save Money

This is one of the most common myths we hear from our customers. Many people believe that if you turn everything off while you sleep, you will be saving money, as the machines aren’t working. However, that is actually the opposite of what happens. Turning the systems on and off is extracting more energy, thus more money. There are features on most models that will put the system into a lower energy state during times of low-use, such as when you go to bed.


Having a Bigger Unit is Best 

Have you ever heard the phrase, bigger is better? Well, it definitely doesn’t apply in the HVAC world! When choosing an HVAC unit, you need to take into consideration your home’s infrastructure. If you decide on a unit that is too large, you will be wasting time and a lot of money. If you decide on a unit that is too little for your home, you will be incredibly displeased with how much money you are spending to work your little unit, without much response. If you’re ever unsure of which unit to choose for the size and infrastructure of your home, Blue-Ray is more than certified to help you make that decision!


Did you learn something new today with our list of HVAC myths? Hopefully we have been able to provide some insight into your HVAC unit and how you can preserve the life of your system for years to come! If you have any more questions about your unit, please reach out to us at 248-399-4500