Are you looking for a more green heating and cooling solution for your home or business? You no longer need to rely on a furnace or boiler to heat your home. At Blue Ray, we can provide your home with clean, geothermal energy. A geothermal heating and cooling system captures heat from underground to heat and cool water and air. These systems are highly efficient, in some cases cutting your energy usage by 80%. If your home or business is looking for a new cooling and heating system, consider geothermal. We will assist in finding the right system for your space, as well as installation, repair, and routine maintenance. We also provide financing to ensure you can have the highest quality system installed in your home or business. For 60 years we have been providing heating and cooling services in Hazel Park area. We stay current with the latest updates and innovations, and we see geothermal as one of the new up and comers in the industry. Call us to discuss the various benefits geothermal heating and cooling can provide for you. 248-399-4500 or 313-869-7200.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling:

  • Highly efficient
  • Green and environmentally friendly
  • Heats air and water
  • Quiet
  • Cut energy bill