Not only are fireplaces a great centerpiece for your living room, they are also an excellent source of heat during the winter. For over 60 years, we have been installing fireplaces in Michigan. We will assist in finding the perfect fireplace design for your home and then install it. We provide the most high quality brands around such as Majestic Fireplaces, Van Guard Fireplaces, and NRG Fireplaces. Whether you are looking for a wood-burning fireplace or a more contemporary gas one, we can help you! Who doesn’t feel nostalgic when they sit around a crackling fire, drinking coffee, and reading a good book?

Fireplaces are great heating systems during winter. They especially come in handy if there is a power outage. A wood burning fireplace can provide a room with much needed heat during a time like this. You can also save on your energy bill by running the fireplace and lowering the heat or turning it off completely during more mild points in the winter. Ensure you schedule a regular fireplace cleaning to keep your system efficient and safe.

Whether you want a fireplace for energy savings and heating or more for aesthetics, Blue Ray is here for you. Our experts will work with you to find the right fireplace and install it in a timely manner. Schedule your appointment today! 248-399-4500 or 313-869-7200

Benefits of a fireplace:

  • Added value to your home
  • Additional source of heat
  • Heating during a power outage
  • Great centerpiece
  • Save on energy bill